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RKMS Agreement & Privacy Policies

Agreement 1

I consent for myself and/or my child's likeness to be taken for publicity purposes such as RKMS Facebook or Twitter business pages. I understand that any photos and/or recorded videos will be used for educational and promotional purposes only.











































I consent for myself or my child to participate in all RKMS activities.

Agreement 2

Agreement 3

I hereby release RKMS and all persons contracted by and/or associated with RKMS from any claims and causes of action however caused while myself or my child is participating in a music lesson, class or activity.

Agreement 4

I hereby agree to adhere to the RKMS policies which are available online at or available as hard copy, upon request.

Agreement 5

I agree that my failure to notify RKMS of a lesson cancellation 24 hours prior will result in no rescheduled lesson or refunds for any missed lessons.

Agreement 6

I agree to inform RKMS two week's prior to terminating any scheduled music lessons.

Agreement 7

I understand that this agreement is in effect for the full term of myself or my child's music lesson registration until I have submitted a written termination of music lessons.

Privacy Policy

I understand that all personal information I give to RKMS is strictly for administrative usage only. The personal information on this form is used for processing myself or my child's registration for music lessons, class participation, payment of lessons and materials as well as for the purposes of contacting clients via phone or email newsletters regarding upcoming music programs or events.

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