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Music Studio Policies



Welcome to Rhythm and Keys Music Studio.

Expectation for Students

Music Students are expected to arrive 5 minutes prior to their scheduled lesson.

Please remove your shoes and hang up your jackets at the front entrance prior to entering into the music teaching studio area.

Music Students are expected to practice their instrument (Piano, Voice, Drums, Guitar) on a daily basis according to their level of musicianship as indicated in the chart below:

Beginners: 15 - 30 minutes          Intermediate: 30 - 45 minutes

Expectation for Parents


Parents are welcome, though not expected, to attend the students lessons.

Please read the students assignment sheet after each lesson and encourage daily practice.

Reminder: All students are required to practice a minimum of 15 minutes - 5 days a week.


If the student has any behavioral issues and refuses to listen and follow instruction, the student will be given 3 opportunities to listen and learn. If the student does not choose to do this ,they will be asked to sit quietly , until they choose to participate.



Attendance and Rescheduling 


Punctual and consistent attendance is essential to successful learning.


Please come to your lesson with a positive and willing attitude and be prepared with all of your music materials.

As the client, you are buying your instructor's time; you are not buying the lesson. If you forget or choose not to come, regardless of the circumstances, you have still paid for your instructor's time.

There are no refunds for any missed or cancelled lessons.

The instructor is not obligated to supply make-up lessons but may do so at their discretion.

If your lesson is cancelled by the instructor, your lesson time will be rescheduled.


If you need to cancel your scheduled lesson for any reason, please contact to cancel  or reschedule by voice message: (250) 307-0796

Cancellation of Lessons

One-month notice of payment is required for any lesson cancellations. RKMS reserves the right to terminate lesson contracts on any unpaid accounts. A 10% late fee will be applied to accounts unpaid past their invoice due date.

Music Lesson Registration & Tuition Fees

There is a $25 annual registration fee per student.

There is a $50 annual registration fee per family (2+ students per household)

This paid fee will reserve your selected choice of day and time for music lessons.

Group (3+ students) 45 minute lesson tuition fee (40 weeks) = $1200.00

Shared (2 students) 45 minute lesson tuition fee (40 weeks) = $1400.00

Individual (1 student) 45 minute lesson tuition fee (40 weeks) = $1600.00

Music Materials Expenses

Music materials are invoiced throughout the year. There is a $50.00 fee required at the first music lesson. When additional materials are needed, you will receive an invoice  and due date for payment.

RKMS accepts cash,  credit, e-transfers or HCOS PO# as forms of payment.

Summer Music Lessons & Summer Camps 

All music students are recommended to take a minimum of 4 lessons throughout the summer as to not lose the previous progress they have attained.  Students who continue with lessons throughout the summer months will receive priority lesson scheduling .

Drop-in lessons are available upon request.

Please contact our office (250) 307-0796 to arrange a personal summer lesson schedule.

Parking, Transportation, and Liability 


Please ensure your children are safely inside the teaching studio at least 5 minutes prior to their scheduled lesson.

Rhythm and Keys Music Studio will not be held liable for the safety of your child once they have left the music studio.

Please remind your children to sit quietly in the front entrance while waiting for their lesson or waiting to be picked up.



** All music lessons, materials and pricing are subject to change without notice**





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