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Music for Little Mozarts: Ages 3-6yrs.

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Introductory Music


Lesson Length: 45 minutes (4 weeks)

Lesson Size: 1 - 6 preschoolers

Lesson Pricing: $140.00 

Lesson Materials: $10.00


A 4-week introduction to music and the piano for young children to discover and explore!


Your weekly 45 minute lesson will include singing, listening, creative movement and rhythm activities both on the learning rug

and at the piano keyboard.


The sessions center around the adventures of Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse, characters who live in the piano classroom of a music store, as they learn about music.


After completing these four weekly lessons, preschoolers are invited to register for Music for Little Mozarts Piano Education lessons.




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Classroom Music

Lesson Length: 45 minutes (2- 6 months)

Lesson Size: 1 - 6 preschoolers

Lesson Pricing: $ 140.00/month 

Lesson Materials: $20.00



This comprehensive approach to musical learning will develop your singing, creative movement and listening skills corresponding with an introduction to musical styles and concepts, in a classroom atmosphere.


No keyboard is required at home for practice as rhythm instruments are used to support and develop your general musical appreciation.


Parents are welcome to participate in these music lessons, with their preschoolers. 

There are four sequential levels in this series.


Preschoolers learn to share,  interact and play well with others in an encouraging setting.





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Piano Education


Lesson Length: 45 minutes (6-24 months)

Lesson Size: 1 - 4 preschoolers

Lesson Pricing: $140.00/month

Lesson Materials:  $50.00


Music for Little Mozarts is specifically designed for your creative and interactive preschooler. 


This comprehensive preschool program integrates action songs and rhythmic materials that teach and discover the fundamentals of music in enjoyable ways for your young and creative learner.

There are four levels of Music for Little Mozarts. Each level takes approximately 5 -6 months to complete.


After completing all four levels of the program, students will be prepared to begin further Individual or Shared piano lessons.

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