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We want to inspire the gift of music in others. We believe every individual deserves  the opportunity to learn and experience music. It is an universal language from which everyone can benefit.  We are proud to be a part of the Okanagan Valley and are pleased to provide this studio as both a musical and educational resource.  We welcome learners of all ages to come and discover their musical potential.


About Us


" When our oldest son was ready to begin music lessons, there was no other choice for us to consider than Saralyn. She is a great pianist and we knew she would be a great teacher, as well. I trusted Saralyn with my son and I recommended other close friends to Saralyn, to be their children's teacher."    

 Sheldon -  Students Dad


" Mrs. Nemeth was the piano teacher for my two oldest sons. Lessons for them and many others were provided in her home studio. She was a thurough, steady, patient teacher for some very young "musicians". My son was not quite 4 years old when he started piano lessons with her."

Karen - Students Mom



" Saralyn was my piano instructor as a teenager. I very much enjoyed receiving lessons from her due to her patience and encouragement."

Lindsay - Student


" Sensory processing difficulties made things very challenging for Jayden when he was in a public school music class. Saralyn's patience and flexibility combined with a shared love for music has reignited Jayden's enthusiasm for learning music education."

Jeannette - Students Mom


 " Saralyn is the best music teacher ever!"

Jayden - Student ( 6 yrs. old )


" I would recommend Saralyn. She is a nice teacher and makes learning fun!"

Jocelyn - Student (10 yrs. old )


" Saralyn is an amazing teacher, she has a great heart for the music loving side of your child. She feeds the souls and spirits of our young ones."

Lee - Students Mom


"Music for Little Mozarts is a fun, playful way to learn about music. Saralyn is a wonderful teacher."

Nadine - Students Mom


" I love my music class! "

Xavier - Student (5 yrs. old)



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